The company conducts safety training to enhance the safety awareness of all employees

In order to enhance the safety awareness and safety operation skills of all employees, ensure that employees have the necessary safety production knowledge for their job, proficiently master the safety production rules and regulations and safety operation procedures, and prevent the occurrence of safety accidents, on March 21, the company's safety director and enterprise health management personnel actively participated in the 2018 occupational health knowledge training organized by the Bao'an District Safety Production Management Bureau.

This training systematically taught occupational health knowledge, enterprise safety management knowledge, and safety concepts. It detailed the prevention measures for occupational diseases in different industries, and combined with real cases that have occurred, analyzed the causes of accidents for participants, educated everyone to prevent accidents before they occur, and improved their awareness and ability to prevent accidents.

On March 23rd, the company held the 2018 full staff safety rotation training in the conference room. This security training adopted the WeChat platform's QR code scanning exam and the WeChat system's automatic scoring method, which stimulated the participation enthusiasm of all employees.

Recently, the company's safety director will also provide training on safety production and occupational health knowledge to production employees and management personnel in batches.